HERstory through ART
With words and images, I am telling my story.

Through art, I am remembering HERstory...

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Wednesday, January 31

la fresa fresca

2007 Untitled mixed media sculpture study

con corona de cristal

con arete de brillar

la fresa caminaba las calles

sin darse cuenta que era fresa

from "Conversations with Fruit" a series in progress

Tuesday, January 30

sacred cycle

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

life is a sacred cycle




Monday, January 29

rainbow healing

2005 Untitled self-portrait mixed media on paper

i am a crystal

light flows through me

...rainbow healing...

Sunday, January 28

marbolina y su duende

2007 Untitled mixed media

el duende era solo

un dia aburrido

encontro una piedra pulida

en soledad la contemplo

de noche y de dia

con amor la formo

su mujer de piedra - su marbolina

excerpt from short story

Saturday, January 27

petal dream

2007 Untitled mixed media sculpture detail study

she dreams in roses

pouring petals

into words

angels up above

dancing round

full of love

Friday, January 26

my hands

2006 Untitled mixed media collage detail

my hands are her hands...

...and her hands...

...and her hands...

i hold

i create

i pray

my hands shall be her hands one day...

...and her hands...

...and her hands...

for the healing hands of Mothers in my life

Thursday, January 25

once afraid

2007 Untitled mixed media

once afraid

-- of what they would think

-- of how they should judge

-- of what they might say

-- of how they could copy

who is this infamous “they” anyway?

laughing, she realized it was just fear in disguise...

Wednesday, January 24

sacred simple stillness

2007 Untitled mixed media
i sit in silence
for those who don’t

i sit in silence
for those who can’t

i sit in silence
for those who won’t

i sit in silence
for My Self

i sit in peace
i sit in love
i sit in light

i sit in sacred simple stillness

Tuesday, January 23

ojo de mujer

2007 Untitled mixed media collage detail

ojo de mujer
que ves ?
a quien lloras ?

ojo de mujer

ojo de mujer
deja la luz entrar
-- es hora de despertar

ojo de mujer
pintado o desnudo
mirate en el espejo – y dime, de que color eres ?

Monday, January 22

woman in blankets

2006 Untitled dry media study on paper detail

It had been snowing all day, the year’s first snowfall. She sat on the edge of the frozen sidewalk, her over-sized body huddled within layers of blankets. A sheet of plastic protected her legs from the icy snow. She greeted every stranger who passed her...

for the woman in blankets who haunts me

Sunday, January 21


2007 Untitled mixed media collage detail

life is made up of many little choices

each moment
every breath
offers a choice

i practice happiness
at least once a day – usually more

little by little
i recognize nature’s melody
the song of my soul

today, i choose happiness...again and again

Saturday, January 20


2007 Untitled mixed media collage detail

she is calm

she is fearless

she is focused

she is grounded

she is ancient

she is nature - Mother Nature

Friday, January 19


2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail
pink, rarely my first choice in colors.
too girly-girly.
too pretty.
too easter egg hunt.
too ballerina - tulle - tutu.
too poodles and pompoms.
too sugary sweet lipstick.
too bubblegum flamingo.
too sandra dee.
too cupcakes with sprinkles.
too cotton candy.

i must be in the mood for pink.
taking a breath, i open up to POWER in pink...

pink provence sunsets...
pink auras...
pink eye glasses – these i adore...
pink’s music – sometimes...
pink rose petals – yes i think so...
pink lemonade – not sure why it’s pink...
pink ribbons – breast cancer awareness...
pink as in betsey johnson meets sex and the city...
pink cherry blossom showers...

feeling POWER PINK...

Thursday, January 18


2006 “SUMMER in FRANCE” mixed media collage detail

he had an extra ticket and invited me to a basketball game – my first.

the lights were brighter - the music louder than expected. high energy all ablaze – exhilarating! he yelled out and boldly cheered his team. i laughed and clapped to the rhythm of the roaring melodies.

at first, strangers seated around us stared…perhaps even judged our behavior. however, by the end of the game, every person was on their feet - yelling, cheering, laughing and dancing…perhaps finally giving themselves permission.

Wednesday, January 17

keeping my promise

altar meditation crystals

I was up all night. I took a two-hour nap this morning and having plans for the evening, I would welcome another snooze. However, I made a promise to My Self, one that I intend to keep. I promised to make a daily contribution to this virtual journal and I am keeping my promise.

Tuesday, January 16

roses & angels

study for sculpture


…when I discovered myself to be allergic to synthetic chemicals found in most perfumes, I stopped wearing any. The only fragrance I use is purified water combined with natural lavender and rose petals. My husband tells me my skin has the scent of an angel…

Monday, January 15


2005 “BODHISATTVA” mixed media on paper


for anyone in need of courage today

Sunday, January 14


2007 Untitled jade, leather & emerald on clay water jug

three daughters of mother
excavating wisdom
through memory and honor

Saturday, January 13

silk goddess

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

goddess of silk from the east
plummeting cocoon in tea
unraveling mystery

Friday, January 12

once wild

1997 Untitled mixed media bangle with sterling & amber


a favorite quote honoring an egyptian high priestess on her birthday
the twelfth of january

Thursday, January 11

seventeen years

2004 Untitled self-portrait in copper
Seventeen years ago, I was seventeen years young...

Seventeen years ago today, I received the greatest of gifts, the greatest of honors: my precious Sister was born and I became a Godmother.

Wednesday, January 10

nicaragua con lagrimas

2003 Untitled mixed media on canvas

Con lagrimas te sueño

Con lagrimas te extraño

Con lagrimas te baño

Bautizada amada NICARAGUA

Con lagrimas te siento nacer de mi vientre

Con sangre y orgullo

Con grito de guerra y fuego del mar

NICARAGUA ….Con dolor hoy te pinto

for my noble Father and his Motherland
Julia Casimira Sacasa de Checa

Tuesday, January 9

like the human soul...

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

ribbons in her hair
a flower tucked behind an ear
rubber bands as bracelets
mother’s pearls - what pleasure
a crown of paper and a feather
oh nymph - oh fairy princess !

Always adoring adornments, from daisies to diamonds, if I thought it magical I was wearing it. Grand Mother initiated me by personally piercing my ears with gold when I was but two weeks old. Since then, adornments developed into a form of silent, almost sacred communication. Every piece I conceive carries a bit of my soul, paying respectful homage to my Muse, Mother Nature. A decade ago, after creating the first wearable sculpture I wrote, “…like the human soul, no two are alike…” It is still true today.

Monday, January 8


inherited antique bronze venus

As a girl, she showed me to play with clay. As a woman, he taught me to command and form the clay. In telling me HIStory he posed a simple yet profound question: DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ? I do have something to say. I am telling my story. I am remembering HERstory.

Sunday, January 7

divine motherhood

2006 "FERTILITY" detail in sterling silver

Tick, tock, tick, tock.
You are late! Your time is running out!
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
Are you ill? Is he? Is everything okay?
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
It is God’s will to pro-create!
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
How old are you?
Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Divine Motherhood involves fertility, yet it requires neither egg nor sperm. Fertility is a juicy readiness to produce and sustain growth – the soul’s growth. Divine Motherhood honors one’s body, nurtures one's spirit and gives birth to one’s soul over and over. I am pregnant – again – with my Self, birthing the Goddess within.

Saturday, January 6

eagle goddess talisman

study for sculpture

One of my earliest memories is that of sitting on the majestic throne-like lap of beloved Grand Mother and kissing the Pre-Colombian eagle goddess pendant suspended from a long gold chain reaching her solar plexus. The shiny hammered talisman glowed in the sunlight, becoming warm in my hand, silently transferring ancestral wisdom.