HERstory through ART
With words and images, I am telling my story.

Through art, I am remembering HERstory...

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Wednesday, February 28


2007 Untitled mixed media study

at sunset

on her birthday

they entered the cathedral

amid harp and flute

they walked the labyrinth

in silence

reaching center

in joyful prayer

Tuesday, February 27

queen tilly

my beautiful God-Mother and me....circa 1973

She has loved me forever.

She held my hand and taught me to care.

She laughed and taught me to play.

She inspires me.

She believes in me.

She is my Queen-Edda-Maria-Tilly.

God-Mother, I have loved you forever.

celebrating a special birthday queen

Monday, February 26

traveling thoughts

2007 Untitled mixed media sculpture study

through time & space

amid the stars & moon

she thought of him

through the winds

under the sun

he listened...

excerpt from short story in progress

Sunday, February 25

amores de flores

2007 Untitled mixed media study

he perdido mis flores
no las encuentro

he olvidado mis rosas
guardándolas quizás

en mi jardín crece AMOR - la mejor flor

Saturday, February 24

suddenly sacredly shy

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

sound invaded every pore of my body

a meditative journey

embracing memories

inspiring dreams

sitting in stillness...

...suddenly sacredly shy

Friday, February 23

eagle blessing

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

in dreams

Eagle came to me

under moonlight

Eagle sang to me

with wisdom and grace

Eagle blessed me

excerpt from my dream last night

Thursday, February 22


2007 "BLACKBERRY" photographic study

dark purple clusters

tart and sweet

smooth fragile skin

many fail to distinguish you from her

unlike raspberry

you do not have a hollow center

from "Conversations with Fruit" a series in progress

Wednesday, February 21

sacred sound

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

he had a dream
she invited him in

from the depths of mother earth
ancestral spirits emerge

open hands receive
the sacred sound bathed in warm breath

in gratitude

Tuesday, February 20

craving a day at the beach

2006 "BEACH TREASURES" mixed media drawing detail

out of sand she crafts an enchanted castle

sanctuary of seaweed and conch shells

imagination frees her...

audaciously dreaming...

courageously creating...

craving a day at the beach

Monday, February 19

seven ceviche dancers

2007 Untitled mixed media texture study

Seven ventured out in the midst of ice and snow.

They laughed and ate ceviche, waiting for the dancers to appear from behind red velvet curtains.

Sunday, February 18

APACHE blessing

2006 Untitled watercolor wash study detail

" may the SUN
bring you new energy by day,

may the MOON
softly restore you by night,

may the RAIN
wash away your worries,

may the BREEZE
blow new strength into your being,

may you WALK
gently through the world and know
its beauty all the days of your life. "

----- APACHE blessing

a favorite quote honoring Mother Earth

Saturday, February 17

de que color

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

De que color son tus volcanes?


De que color son tus amores?


De que color son tus deseos?

De que color pintas tu alma?

remembering a most beloved matriarch

Friday, February 16

every moment matters

2007 Untitled mixed media study

Last night I finished reading a memoir written by a mother who survives her young child’s tragic death.

I am overwhelmed with compassion.

Life is a most precious gift...a treasure...a miracle with every breath...

a reminder that every moment with a loved one matters

Thursday, February 15

wild flower dance

2007 Untitled mixed media

The woman placed the wild flower in her hair and began to move.

With each step, she danced closer to realizing her dream...

excerpt from a short story

Wednesday, February 14

tu beso

2007 Untitled mixed media collage detail

tu beso es caramelo para mi alma

your kiss is candy for my soul

written in 2004 for my husband

Tuesday, February 13

my beautiful body

1999 Untitled self-portrait in clay wearing 1998 "AMOR de ROSAS"

I accept my body
as imperfectly perfect.

I nurture my body
with healthy foods.

I delight my body
with movement.

My body is the temple
possessing my power.

I honor my beautiful body.

excerpt from a series of writings in progress
for every young woman and her mother and her mother...

Monday, February 12

glorious joyful color

2006 - 2007 Untitled mixed media on canvas in progress

Life is full of color...

glorious joyful color !

remembering a special birthday girl
bringing glorious joyful color to the world

Sunday, February 11

enchanted red pencil

2005 Untitled hand-dyed silk detail

She immortalized happy childhood memories with the enchanted red pencil he gave her...

Saturday, February 10

arena y sol

2007 "MI SOL, MI ARENA" mixed media

Como el sol ama su arena

Como la arena ama tus pies

...asi te quiero yo

para mi esposo - mi sol, mi arena

Friday, February 9

born an old woman

2007 "PETAL FAIRY" mixed media self-portrait

she was born an old woman,

but with each year,

through every smile,

she grew younger and younger...

for anyone forgetting to smile today

Thursday, February 8


2007 "CLEMENTINE TREE" mixed media
the tree uprooted herself and began to fly

once in morocco she stopped and began to cry

lucca hugged the tree and asked her why

she told her it was because of clementine...

sweet clementine with a diamond in her eye...

from "Conversations with Fruit" a series in progress

Wednesday, February 7

la sevillana

2007 "SEVILLANA" mixed media

llevaba una mantilla negra de encaje

una flor roja en el corazon

sus ojos verdes llenos de esperanza... sevillana...OLÉ !

excerpt from a short story in progress

Tuesday, February 6


2006 Untitled pencil & ink detail

La vida es hecha

De momentos...

De suspiros y sueños...

Monday, February 5

stone heart

2007 Untitled mixed media study for sculpture

from the depths of Mother Earth

precious gem of healing light

radiating truth and love

hers is the stone heart

Sunday, February 4


2007 "BUTTERFLY" mixed media

How does Butterfly fly?
She simply flutters her wings and tries!

Saturday, February 3

poor woman

2007 Untitled mixed media sculpture study

The poor woman flaunts the heavy diamond believing it will bring her love and perhaps even save her soul...

excerpt from a short story written in 2004

Friday, February 2


2007 Untitled mixed media
she has a secret

she has a secret

she has a secret

she has a secret

she has a secret

she has a secret

she has a secret

she has a secret
and I am displaying it for all to see...

Thursday, February 1

1ero de febrero

2007 Untitled mixed media on paper

so brave - so strong, the child is born
with eyes the color of a storm

earth mother bestows him volcanic fire
making him a man – a king admired

his queen - his one desire
his daughter - his best attire

for a king and the women in his life