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Through art, I am remembering HERstory...

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Thursday, December 31

blue moon marks new decade

my beloved blue buddha
a decade comes to a close
what a year 2009 has been
so much change
so much growth

2010 marks a new beginning
a new decade
2010 begins with a blue moon
the second full moon this month

tonight, go out and find your blue moon
make a wish
and know you are blessed

Wednesday, December 30

feathers & roses

plumas y rosas
yo me regalo plumas y rosas
bailo al ritmo de mi alma
y soy feliz...

I give myself feathers and roses
dancing at soul's rhythm
I am happy...

Tuesday, December 29

at the doorway

2009 photograph
standing at the doorway
wanting to step in
trembling out of fear or delight or both

Monday, December 28


recent self-portrait from a series
Little Bird hatched from Mother’s ancient crystals with a precious gem balanced upon its beak.

“Why am I here?” Little Bird asked Water Buddha.

Little Bird, you are here to live.
To breathe and to fly.
To laugh and to cry.
Little Bird, you are here to die.

“To die? But have I not just now begun to live? I do not understand.” Little Bird cried.

Little Bird, life would not exist without death.
And really, death is but re-birth.
Little Bird, you have always been and shall always be.

excerpt from short story begun in 2007 & soon to be published in print

Sunday, December 27

falling in love

a recent photograph he took of me in front of a portrait by Carlos Barberena De La Rocha
If you focus on the present, your life will be constantly renewed. The present moment is the only time that is eternal. It never dies, nor can it be forgotten. Therefore, happiness in the present can never be taken away from you. It will free you from the snare of time, which brings about suffering through thought, evaluation, and analysis. Being fully in the present, you experience the timeless. In the timeless, you find your true self. - Deepak Chopra

an archaeologist
discovering my true self
fragment by fragment
smile by smile
falling in love with My Self
moment by moment

Saturday, December 26

the whole universe

self-portrait from a series
I look into your eyes and see the whole universe
-- born and not yet born. - RUMI

Friday, December 25

merry christmas

the REAL santa
Merry Christmas

baby woke up, went to the altar and put on a rosary made of red rose petals...

Thursday, December 24


2009 photograph

in miracles

in healing

in peace

in love

in prayer

in forgiveness


if you cannot believe, I promise to believe for you...

silent night, holy night

Wednesday, December 23

about spirit

are you enjoying the beauty of the day?

the season is about spirit - not spending

remember to PLAY

Tuesday, December 22

beloved Gurudev

beloved Gurudev playing with me, circa 1973

wishing beloved Gurudev a happy birthday

Monday, December 21

winter solstice

my beloved son, my greatest teacher

winter solstice

I dance with my son

I sing with my son

I play with my son

new beginnings sprouting

rooted in mother earth



every breath

how truly blessed we are...

Sunday, December 20


playing in the snow

go out

and play

discover joy

in simple pleasures

Saturday, December 19


2007 mixed media
as I watch the silent dance of snow, he hands me a card:

Choose to be in close proximity to people who are empowering, who appeal to your sense of connection to intention, who see the greatness in you, who feel connected to God, and who live a life that gives evidence that Spirit has found celebration through them. Surround yourself with high-energy people.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

the wisdom of the innocent
covers, cleanses and purifies my soul
one snowflake at at time

a celebration of spirit
a celebration of life

Friday, December 18

we are all EQUAL

study for sculpture in progress
Feel Superior to No One

Release your need to feel superior by seeing the unfolding of Spirit in everyone. Don't assess others on the basis of their appearance, achievements, and possessions. It's an old saw, but is nonetheless true: WE ARE ALL EQUAL in the EYES of GOD.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

when we feel superior to others
it is our own insecurity showing its ugly face

those who criticize others
are simply seeing themselves mirrored back

Thursday, December 17

soy madre

2009 mixed media
madre del mar
madre de madres
reina del planeta
canto tu canto
bailo tu ritmo
escucho tu voz dentro de mi
soy parte mar
soy parte mujer
soy madre

excerpt from a series of writings soon to be published in print

Wednesday, December 16

beloved grand father

2007 mixed media series inspired by Andy Warhol
nací siendo la nieta, quizás la predilecta de
Guillermo Sevilla-Sacasa
mi bello Popo de colonias y cuentos

Popo quien me enseño a dibujar
a jugar con palabras
a platicar con seguridad

a ser una verdadera pavo-real-la
de plumas blancas y plateadas como las de las hadas

Popo, siempre impecable y notable
un genio genial y jovial
de medallas y honores
Popo de mis amores

siento su mirada noche y día
escucho sus consejos
segura que nos encontramos en mis sueños

originally published in 2007

Beloved Grand Father,
I ask for your wisdom, your guidance.
Give me strength to remain stoic...
...and ignore all the criticism around me.
Thank you for being a pillar in my life.
I love you,
julia casimira

Tuesday, December 15

long tongues & envious hearts

detail from silk pouch in a private collection 2009

those with long tongues talk and talk
yet say NOTHING of importance

those with envious hearts talk and talk
and bury themselves in mud-like energy

forgiving and blessing
those with long tongues and envious hearts

Monday, December 14

just be

detail from silk pouch, 2009
walk into the fire
surrender into the sea
just be

Sunday, December 13

el amor

detail from silk pouch, 2009
el amor eterno
el amor fresco y despierto
el amor de rosas y mariposas

Saturday, December 12

a love eternal

detail from silk pouch, 2009
a love so pure
a love so real
a love eternal

Friday, December 11


detail from silk pouch, 2009
the roses
her roses
invaded me with sacred blessings
mother mary, mother earth

Thursday, December 10

sandy dreams

detail from silk pouch, 2009
salt water blessings
sandy dreams
childhood memories

Wednesday, December 9


detail from silk pouch, 2009
a gift
a priviledge
a challenge
a surrender into the fire

Tuesday, December 8

volcano mother

detail from silk pouch, 2009
she is everywhere
volcano mother
birthing new beginnings

Monday, December 7

¿Quién causa tanta alegría?

2007 mixed media featuring the interior of León's cathedral
Who causes so much happiness?

This is the cry of millions of Nicaraguans during the December 7th “La Griteria” (The Shouting) celebration of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. An elaborate altar is set up with fresh flowers, lights, candles and more. Celebrants gather to sing prayerful hymns to Mother Mary. After the singing, massive amounts of food are distributed. Everything from oranges with little paper flags, candies made of condensed milk and coconut, tamales wrapped in dark green plantain leaves and a sweet pink drink made of corn. The tradition began somewhere between the 18th–19th century in the majestic colonial city of León, Nicaragua.

I have always seen “La Purisima” (The Purest) as a fascinating pagan-like ritual, one of my favorite parts of growing up Catholic. As a child, I believed we were honoring all the mothers, all the women and not just a statue of a pretty white lady dressed in blue draping gowns. Even more so today, I like to believe the songs, the prayers and food honor and celebrate the goddess in every woman...

originally published in 2007

goddess mother everywhere
more than ever
we need you

Sunday, December 6

living poetry

detail from silk pouch, 2009
colonial cobblestone streets
where ancestors strolled
arm in arm
under moonlight
writing our stories
dreaming our existence into being
living poetry

Saturday, December 5

love story

detail from silk pouch, 2009
a love story
today and tomorrow

Friday, December 4

mother moon

detail from silk pouch, 2009
mother moon guided
in all her fullness
she welcomed us home

Thursday, December 3

liquid light

detail from silk pouch, 2009
liquid light
throughout this journey and beyond

Wednesday, December 2

she challenged me

detail from another silk pouch, 2009
she challenged me
and I am stronger

she challenged me
and I am wiser

she challenged me
and I am grateful

Tuesday, December 1

simple pleasures

detail from one of my crazy silk pouches, Kwan Yin
value simple pleasures

savor what is naturally good


cook with humor, eat with meaning

give thanks for farmers and support bountiful oceans

give and give back

share home-cooked favorites

do good and be well

- Whole Foods Market recycled brown paper bag

This Holiday season...let us focus on SIMPLE PLEASURES....

Monday, November 30

his kiss

ageless souls soar, 2007 greeting card
he kissed me (my first kiss)
15 years ago

he married me
7 years ago

his kiss still makes me blush...

Sunday, November 29

setting a price

2009 mixed media on wood
how do I set a price on my soul's work?

by size or weight?
by time spent designing, sewing, hammering, painting?
by provenance or preference?

how do I set a price on something I consider priceless?

Saturday, November 28

circling love

2009 photograph
Walk to the well.
Turn as the earth and the moon turn,
circling what they love.
Whatever circles comes from the center.

...are you circling what you love?

Friday, November 27

dance in joy

another photo taken by baby, un-retouched 2009
dance away

dance away

dance away

dance in

dance in

dance in

there is an ocean between them
both are drowning and can only save each other

one is dying
another is birthing

be here now
refreshed and ready to sing

today, dance in joy

remembering my Uca who always danced in joy,
happy birthday beloved Grand Mother

Thursday, November 26

thanksgiving recipe

detail from a silk pouch, 2009
5 pounds of gratitude
2 cups of forgiveness
4 cups of laughter
spice with a tablespoon of mischief & a pinch of mystery
add wonder to taste
mix well and serve with dance, joy and light

happy thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 25

wake up to life

another un-retouched photograph taken by my one-year-old baby boy
sense energies
perceive fields of light
wake up to life
love in the moment

Tuesday, November 24


me, laughing through life
sacred joy

living in the moment
forgiving all fools
laughing through life

stop complaining
start appreciating

message received during morning meditation

Monday, November 23

genius of light

2009 photograph from a series taken by my one-year-old
I stretch and I breathe
I forgive and I forget
he hands me a card that reads:

QUALITY rather than appearance...
ETHICS rather than rules....
INTEGRITY rather than domination...
KNOWLEDGE rather than achievement...
SERENITY rather than acquisitions.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

the genius of the innocent
the genius of the pure of heart
the genius of light

Sunday, November 22

happy birthday

my beautiful mother & my beautiful baby
a mother's birthday
is a special day, indeed
happy birthday mammi

Saturday, November 21

lineas azules

my blue lips
I dreamed with blue oceans and lions
I heard his voice calling to me
I wrote to him in blue spanish

lineas azules
besos celestes
abrazos morados risas rosadas
y luz infinita

excerpt from a letter written this morning

Friday, November 20

almost believed

piece recently donated for a raffle benefitting Dress for Success
what does it mean? she wondered aloud.

what does what mean? he asked with curiosity.

life...she responded.

there are many interpretations of reality, but one universal truth, he answered with utmost security.

she almost believed him.

Thursday, November 19

closed eyes, opened soul

2009 self-portrait from a series
Paul Gauguin said he closed his eyes in order to see.
I close my eyes to go deep inside where I gain wisdom and strength.
I close my eyes and quiet my mind.
I close my eyes and breathe.
I close my eyes to open my soul.

Wednesday, November 18


one of my altars
With the recent and most unexpected passing of a friend, I have been questioning time....and Kahlil Gibran answers me:
You would measure time the measureless and the immeasurable.

You would adjust your conduct and even direct the course of your spirit according to hours and seasons.

Of time you would make a stream upon whose bank you would sit and watch its flowing.

Yet the timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness,

And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.

And that that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space.

Who among you does not feel that his power to love is boundless?

And yet who does not feel that very love, through boundless, encompassed within the centre of his being, and moving not from love thought to love thought, nor from love deeds to other love deeds?

And time even as love is, undivided and spaceless?

But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle the other seasons,

And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing.

- Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, November 17

one night, all night

2009 self-portrait from a series
he slept with the ebony queen

she dreamed with the ancient pharaoh of peace

the young prince prayed all night

Monday, November 16

goldfish, yoga & buddha

one of my beloved Buddhas
Last night, I dreamed I attended a yoga retreat.
The instructor was Buddha.
I remember lovely goldfish swimming next to me.