With words and images, I am telling my story. Through art, through sculpture, I am remembering HERstory...

Monday, January 2


women, goddesses, candlelight and owls...

"The owl has been worshipped and hated throughout the world, but always it intrigues and fascinates. It is the epitome of mystery, magic, vision, and guidance.  It is also one of the most ancient signs for spirit contact. The owl is the silent guide, teaching us to trust our instincts and silent impressions, especially in regards to spirit communication. Its appearance now is alerting you to much spirit activity around you.

The owl is also a creature of the night, and night symbolizes the darkness within — the places where great secrets and great treasures are hidden. Spirit is around now to remind you of this and to help you uncover these treasures.
The owl provides guidance through heightening your senses — physically and spiritually. Its eyes are adapted to see the subtlest of movement with the least amount of light. Because of this, when Owl appears, you will hear undercurrents in the voices of others. Owl is telling you that help and guidance are available to you, but it is still up to you to act upon its guidance."
- Ted Andrews
snapshot - detail from a work in progres