With words and images, I am telling my story. Through art, through sculpture, I am remembering HERstory...

Saturday, April 29

something intimate

My 8-year-old's First Birthday was a very simple and soulful celebration and I wanted something similar for my baby daughter's First Birthday.

Something intimate.

My father was traveling to spend quality time with his grandchildren and I wished for him to truly enjoy them in a serene and playful enviornment.

Something intimate.

My husband and I have large families, all of whom were invited for my son's 8th birthday and for the baby's recent baptism. We had just seen a lot of them during the Easter gathering.

For my daughter's First Birthday, I decided to only invite those who remembered the baby's actual birth date and acknowledged her by reaching out to me.

Only a handful remembered - a handful of souls close to my heart (thank you).

From that blessed handful, only two were able to attend, not including grandparents. 

It was perfect.




My father sang and serenaded his grandaughter on the guitar and she was completely captivated.

My mother made delicate little sandwiches.

My mother-in-law brought delicious finger food with a glorious salad.

I sipped mimosas barefoot, dressed in white linen and smiles.

snapshot: baby enjoying her beloved green peas before the cake