With words and images, I am telling my story. Through art, through sculpture, I am remembering HERstory...

Wednesday, November 5

just a little human

"I can hold my breath.
I can bite my tongue.
I can stay awake for days,
if that's what you want,
be your number one.

I can fake a smile.
I can force a laugh.
I can dance and play the part,
if that's what you ask,
give you all that I am.

I can do it...
but I'm only human.
And I bleed when I fall down.
I'm only human,
and I crash and I break down.

Your words in my head,
knives in my heart.
You build me up,
then I fall apart,
'cause I'm only human.

I can turn it on,
be a good machine.
I can hold the weight of worlds,
if that's what you need,
be your everything.

I can do it...
I'll get through it,
but I'm only human...
just a little human.

I can take so much,
until I've had enough..."
- C. Perri

I cannot fake a smile, much less a laugh and I am a protective lioness with those I love.