With words and images, I am telling my story. Through art, through sculpture, I am remembering HERstory...

Friday, November 7

sixteen going on seventeen

Once upon a time I wore a leather bustier...

I remember borrowing it from my mother, who probably still fits into it.

A black leather bustier with embroidered roses...this is where my story may begin...

"You wait little girl,
on an empty stage,
for fate to turn the light on.

Your life little girl,
is an empty page,
that men will want to write on.

You are 16 going on 17,
Baby, it's time to think,
better beware,
be canny and careful,
Baby, you're on the brink.

You are 16 going on 17,
fellows will fall in line, 
eager young lads,
and grueways and cads,
will offer you fruit and wine.

Totally unprepared are you,
to face a world of men,
timid and shy and scared are you,
of things beyond your ken.

You need someone,
older and wiser,
telling you what to do..."
- Oscar Hammerstein & Richard Rodgers, circa 1959