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Friday, January 10

La Loba Que Sabe

" before our sights, into our baskets of water held out to the heavens... 
the wolf moon, named after wolves howling to summon one another...
For those with ears to hear, eyes to see...
The howl is the call to 
Rest and Create. Both. 
Not one or the other. Both now. 
The howl is the call to Reconvene Gentleness and Fierceness: Both. Not one or the other. Both now. 
The howl is the call to 
Keep no collections of grievances 
petty and large. 
Throw that dung list away. 
No wolf drags a long bag of yesterdays 
behind them today.
The howl is the call to 
instead, build your list of effective solutions 
within your reach, and if not 
practice your trapeese flying. 
Wolves are the masters of the flying leap 
that lands square. We can do this. 
The howl is the call to 
choose one goal. 
The most life-giving, the most life sparing. 
Not one or the other, both. Both. 
Like a true wolf would do.
The howl is the call to 
Focus. One thing to shelter, build in beauty, 
end, begin, one thing at a time. 
The howl is the call to Collect your tendernesses and strengths. Both. Not one or the other. Both. Like a true wolf.
The howl is the call to 
not bathe nor clothe thyself in fears, 
for they weaken the child spirit, 
Who is your Creative Force. 
Wolves stand before and protect their pups, 
not place them in the teeth of predators.
The howl is the call to
Love everything one can, truly so, 
with dedication, not passing over, 
not saying yah, yah, 
but seeing the bee as equal to the butterfly, 
the human as equal to the precious waters 
and the air, the creatures equal to the mountains. And visa versa. 
La Loba, La que sabe,
whom I name She Who Knows, 
says so...
in her long, long howl 
'at the first Full Moon
of this New Year. 
All good come...
All good come now
both and all.
All. Good. Now. Come....
May it be so for thee
May it be so for me
May it be so for us all,
Each in her and his own way,
as each sees fit."
- words of wisdom by beloved Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
La Mama Loba and her wild wolf cub remind you to go out and HOWL at tonight's full wolf moon