With words and images, I am telling my story. Through art, through sculpture, I am remembering HERstory...

Tuesday, May 20

self-inflicted imprisonment

"You know the worst thing is freedom. Freedom of any kind is the worst for creativity. You know, Dali spent two months in jail in Spain, and these two months were the most enjoyable and happy in my life. Before my jail period, I was always nervous, anxious. I didn't know if I should make a drawing, or perhaps make a poem, or go to the movies or the theatre, or catch a girl, or play with the boys. The people put me in jail, and my life became divine. Tremendous!" - Salvador Dali 

so...lack of freedom and limited options may be regarded as blessings in disguise at times? hmmm...

how do I create a life of self-inflicted imprisonment? 

am I ready to emerge from this energetic womb and birth myself to freedom?

I am continuing to connect the dots...and feel grateful for the whispers of wisdom the universe is sending...